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GacktJOB Stillness

because the guys in the back are people too.

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This is an icon contest community centered around Gackt, and his band - collectively referred to as GacktJOB. For the purposes of the contest, GacktJOB includes all past and present members, which makes the roster as follows:

Gackt :: You :: Chachamaru :: Toshi :: Igao :: Ju-ken :: Ryu :: Yosh :: Masa :: Ren

Now, some of these people are harder to find pictures of than others, so there will be a definite lean towards those who are more 'public.'

The previous week's results and a new contest will go up on Monday somewhere around 12AM Pacific Standard Time, and you have until 12AM Pacific Standard Time on Saturday to get your entries in. Each week, First, Second, and Third (with the right number of entries) places will be awarded, along with a Mod's Choice award chosen by the moderators (amazingly). Contest themes will include picture sets as well as given lyrics/text, one-word prompts, and whatever else we think of.

[+] No flaming. No 'You/Masa/Ren/etc. suck' icons. No icon stealing.
[+] Do not ask for posting access to the community. You don't need it.
[+] Since this is Gackt/GacktJOB that we're talking about, sex-type ideas are pretty much unavoidable, but please don't be crude.
[+] Do not solicit votes from your friends, and do not vote for your friends just because they're your friends.
[+] Please do not post your icons anywhere else before the voting has ended for that particular week.
[+] If any of the rules are broken, the icon in question will be disqualified.

[+] Two entries are allowed per person, per contest.
[+] Mods are allowed to participate. If you suspect the voting is rigged, we will show you the poll.
[+] Icons must fit the 100x100 pixel, 40KB limit allowed by LJ.
[+] No animated icons are allowed.
[+] Submit your icons to the contest post in this format:


[+] If there are ten or fewer icons, vote for two. If there are more, vote for three.
[+] Anonymous votes will not be counted.
[+] In the event of a three/four/five/etc.-way tie, another poll will go up to determine the winner of the position.
[+] Winners will receive a banner for their efforts.

Your Mods:
[+] liangzhu
[+] unseemingly

Your Banner-makers:
[+] dammitliv
[+] liangzhu
[+] unseemingly

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[+] jpv10
[+] j_bases
[+] japaneseawards
[+] jmusic_awards
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Please leave a comment here if you would like to be an affiliate!

Check this post for links to gallery sites and other miscellaneous things.