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CHALLENGE #7 (and Challenge #6)

Challenge #7 is another birthday week, this time for the guy who put the Gackt in GacktJOB. Wish the resident vampire a happy 400-and-something-th birthday and enter the contest! Because there are far more Gackt pictures than Juken ones (you didn't forget about Juken's birthday, did you?), there is a slight guideline here: aside from featuring Gackt, your icons must have a celebratory/happy nature to them. It is a birthday, after all.

And this isn't a rule, but it would be a nice personal challenge for you to try and make a Juken icon before making Gackt ones. ;)

[+] Icons are due by midnight on Saturday July 8 July 15 (basically, get them in Friday night, and you're good).
[+] Two icons per person are allowed.
[+] No animated icons allowed.
[+] Submit your icons to this post (comments are screened) in the format:

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